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Jennifer Lawrence Sexiest Celebrities

So why did i think Jennifer Lawrence is the current sexiest women alive of 2012? I believe most of you would agree with me, she is young and has been around recently, and in a positive manner too, not creating any scandal and such. Becoming a star and everybody's attention is not an easy thing to do, sometimes they have to pretend a lot, you know? I mean it's like becoming an actor all the time, even when not acting for a movie, you have to act in front of the press, to make you look good like all the time, and Jennifer has been maintaining her image flawlessly ever since she got it back then, mainly thanks to the role Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games. Not that i'm saying that she is pretending, there must be a reason why she managed to do so, right? She might be a truthfully nice women in the first place. Just let me know if you would, how many of you agree with me that Jennifer Lawrence is the sexiest women alive of 2012 for the moment?


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